The Story Monster Podcast – Episode 04: Loki (2021-) Review

The show centers on the God of Mischief, Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston). He was last seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Endgame. The Avengers traveled to the past and inadvertently allowed him to escape via time travel. Soon after he’s arrested by a shady organization called the TVA. It’s a good show full of doppelgangers and MCU callbacks.

Straight Outta Asgard

What I enjoyed most about the show, was the dialogue, and world building. It’s very poetic and philosophical. It felt like one long therapy session. Loki was put through the grinder and took a ton of punishment in every episode. It made him look weak, while his “evil” variant was portrayed as strong and intelligent. The set pieces are so enormous, that there are hundreds of Easter egg videos online.

“Your extended warranty is expiring soon”

There is plenty of action and mystery woven in the narrative. Loki is constantly discovering secrets about the universe that not even the Avengers are privy. Although the tone felt like a police procedural, there are plenty of comedic moments. You’ll still have questions when it is all said and done, as there will be a second season. Hopefully, we get more answers about the TVA, and the fate of the sacred timeline. I give Loki an 8.5 out of 10.

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