Last Night in Soho (2021) Review

I became fixated on the projects of Anya Taylor-Joy after seeing her in The Witch. She had a look reminiscent of women in the golden age of Hollywood (1950-1967). Her roles tend to vary from genre to genre and she never fails to deliver, except for in New Mutants, that movie sucked. This time around she teamed up with relative newcomer, Thomasin McKenzie, in a psychological thrill ride from Edgar Wright titled Last Night in Soho. This film straight up award material, I enjoyed it.

The story followed an aspiring fashion designer, Eloise (McKenzie), who moved to London for college. Due to people being asshats, she found herself a room to rent during her stay. Soon after she started seeing visions of another woman’s life named Sandie (Taylor-Joy) from the 1960s. It’s brilliant how well the film balanced two timelines. The Swinging Sixties enthralled Elouise. So many lights, people in suits, and sparkly dresses.

Underneath the glamour of the London nightlife exists a sinister reality, one that viewers discover little by little. The pacing made me anxious to the point where I wasn’t breathing at certain parts. Whoever responsible for the cinematography deserves a pay bump. Two clearly distinct worlds gradually meld into one another. I felt as if I was on a psychedelic trip, images warped and shattered.

Horror elements ramp up in the second act. From real-life threats to supernatural ones. This one you want to view with a sound system attached because it got a bangin’ score. I either heard something that invoked suspense or made me want to dance. If you enjoy a good mystery then go stream this right now. Last Night in Soho not perfect, yet managed to get an 8.5 out of 10.

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