Joker (2019) Review

What the hell did I just watch? That is the question I asked myself while leaving the theater. It took me a while to process the madness I witnessed. This is not a movie about people in tights and capes. Joker is a cinematic masterpiece. One that everyone should see. It is raw, unadulterated, visceral, and shockingly relatable.

Joaquin Phoenix better get nominated for this role! If he isn’t I will throw a fit. This man really got lost in the character. Even to the point where I was genuinely concerned for the health of the actor. He plays the role of Arthur Fleck, an aspiring comedian with mental illness. A lot of events take place in his life that cause him to….react.

The first hour of the film is a character study, almost like a documentary. As a viewer, I felt like a fly on the wall. As if I wasn’t supposed to be watching those private moments on screen. In the final act, things ramp up in tone. The violence, oh my God the violence. Although used sparingly it is effective! Caught me off guard a few times. Because Arthur is such an unassuming guy, you never see “it” coming. Joker earned a 9 out of 10.

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