Hotshot Vol. 1: A Hero’s Welcome

There comes a time when you see a deal online you can’t resist. What is it you say? The Kickstarter for Hotshot Vol. 1 and 2 from Freestyle Komics. I already own the first two single issues. With both physical volumes available, how could I resist? The titular hero, Hotshot, winks at me and says, “Jeremy, you’re the ‘real’ hero because you’re going to make this project a reality.”

That is why this rich comic book goodness is in my possession. Volume 1 expands on the Zero Event whereas the majority of heroes and villains disappear. The book explores the human identity of Hotshot in-depth, from his personal relationships to the origin in which he obtains superpowers. It depicts the difficulty of striking a balance between two distinct lifestyles. This struggle extracts a heavy toll on his mental state and physical well-being.

Michael struggles to put on his costume while speaking with his mother

The arch nemesis of Hotshot, The Void, continues his path of destruction. He snuffs out many innocent lives hunting down Hotshot. Void exudes malice and purpose similar to that of a horror icon, he is just as mysterious as the Zero Event. Is he a man or creature? This book manages to accomplish a great amount of world building in a few pages.

Volume 1 introduces an assortment of new characters. The panels portray a masterful control of foreshadow as well as non-linear narrative. Hotshot is a straight-forward story which boasts a strong understanding of the medium. This entry does not disappoint. I find the realistic approach to the fights refreshing. Come on, no one can have a city-wide brawl through buildings and debris, only to walk away in pristine condition.

I’m a fan of Hotshot and will continue to cover the hero’s journey. Don’t hesitate to check out this book. People want the biggest bang for their buck, well this is a humongous boom. Next, I will cover Volume 2 of A Hero’s Welcome. If you don’t want to miss the next review, subscribe to the mailing list HERE.

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