Hotshot #1

  • Story: Victor Dandrige
  • Pencils: Michael Watson
  • Letters: Danny Cooper
  • Publisher: Short Fuse Media Group

This comic takes place after a cataclysm known as Zero Event. A young hero known as Hotshot faces off with a hulking juggernaut called Void. In wake of their city-wide brawl, a hero called Vigilance joins the battle. So much destruction is caused, and Void shows no sign of being stopped. Hotshot is confident, powerful, and fast. When we first meet him, he’s under emotional stress. I don’t know much about him other than that.

It’s not long before he’s suited up and fighting to survive, while trying to save others. He hits hard and can take a serious beating. The pacing of the story is quick and a little confusing. Each panel is colorful and incredibly dynamic. You can feel the impact of every blow. I think this has potential to be a cool arc. I’ll reserve judgement until I finish the five-part series.

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