Halloween Kills (2021) Review

What can I say? The title of the movie sums up EVERYTHING. Michael Myers is not just a psycho in a mask. He is no longer The Boogeyman of Haddonfield, IL. No, no, no, this guy is a fuckin’ murder machine. Michael has ascended into Jason Vorhees territory. A couple of scenes I thought I saw him switching his hips. Michael was definitely feeling himself. You thought he snapped in Halloween 2018, shiiiid that was nothing. Like Dorothy said, “We ain’t in Kansas anymore.”

The story picks up exactly where the last one left off. That fire must have did something to him because he came out on some Terminator T-1000 shit. All I could hear was Motorhead when Michael was on-screen slicing folks. His victims were completely random. Unlike his obsession with Laurie Strode in other entries. This version of The Shape is sporadic and intrigued with death. He is almost like a child playing with a science kit or puzzle.

Instead of focusing on the Strode family, the narrative is about the inhabitants. More specifically, how Michael’s reign of terror transformed them. That particular part of the movie was corny and poorly executed. Only thing I cared about was how ruthless Michael Myers murdered people. His kills are definitely in the double digits now. The camera lingered on one execution so long, my stomach lurched with anxiety.

Also, they barely used Jamie Lee Curtis. It kind of made sense but damn, if they were going to give her such a small amount of time they could have written her into a coma. Full disclosure, there are a ton of stupid muthafuckas in this movie so don’t pull your hair out. This is a true slasher full of brutalities. I’ll go into more detail in my spoiler-filled review next week on The Story Monster Podcast. Halloween Kills earned an 8.5 out of 10.

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