Fear Street: Part 3 – 1666 (2021) Review

We’ve arrived at the conclusion of the Fear Street trilogy on Netflix. I have to say I’m a little disappointed with the conclusion. Fear Street Part 3 is composed of two different stories, as if the director forgot about Part One. Deena reunited the dismembered hand with its body and was sent into a trance. When she came to, she saw life through the eyes of Sarah Fier.

Not this again

That’s when the story got a little redundant. It just so happens that Sarah Fier (played by Deena) was also in love with someone that looked exactly like Samantha (Deena’s girlfriend in 1994). I don’t care that they’re lesbian, it’s the “romance” itself. I don’t believe it. Even in Part One, the two had no chemistry. They popped up on screen and us, the viewer, were told they used to date and still have feelings.

He look like he stank lol

The actor who played Tommy Slater in Part Two, returned as Mad Thomas. In this movie he’s angry that he can’t lay with Hannah (played by Samantha). It’s also worth noting that he is the biggest instigator of the witch hunt. He is so damn creepy and seems to really hate women. All of the adult men in this series are trash. If they’re not absent fathers, they’re horn dogs, or mass murderers. The exception being Deena’s brother Josh.

“Let the bodies hit the floor.” (Head rock)

Due to the lack of character development, I didn’t care what happened to anyone. Nobody is really likeable or relatable. These movies have one consistent theme; dying for someone that doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. Deena/Sarah Fier both led an existence that solely revolved around trying to win the heart of another.

Someone attended Hogwarts

The curse on Shadyside kind of took a backseat for most of the story. When I found out who and what was responsible, I was thoroughly underwhelmed. In the end, I was left with more questions than when it all began. My sentiment from the last review remains, Part Two is the best entry. Fear Street Part Three gets a 5.5 out of 10.

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