Deliver Us From Evil (2014) Review

Two of my favorite genres working together: crime drama and horror. It’s rare you find a film where they’re married properly. Deliver Us From Evil is about a NY policeman investigating a series of murders linked to demonic possession. It’s a contemporary take on the classic Exorcist theme but differs in execution.

Sarchie (Eric Bana) and Mendoza (Edgar Ramirez) team up to combat the unholy threat plaguing the city. The cinematography is crisp and the sound design is incredible. It was uncomfortable to hear the sounds and voices of the evil spirits. The threat is psychological as well as physical.

This one is violent and gritty. It gave me huge Se7en vibes. Directed by Scott Derrickson, of Doctor Strange and Sinister fame. You will feel emotionally drained after watching this. Trust me when I say that Deliver Us From Evil is one to watch with the lights on. It gets a score of 9 out of 10.

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