Dead Presidents (1995) Review

Any film centered around Vietnam is bound to have a horrible backstory attached. Dead Presidents is no different. It may not be considered a scary movie but it’s a not-too-distant cousin. The story is about a veteran struggling to provide for his family. Anthony (Larenz Tate) delivered a captivating performance in this cult classic. Its one hell of a crime drama and an even better heist film, in the vein of Set It Off, which released the following

The cast is loaded with stars like Keith David, Chris Tucker, Jenifer Lewis, Clifton Powell, and more. To avoid spoiler territory, I’ll just insert the cliche “the path to hell is paved with good intentions.” What began as a post high school escape became a descent into more chaos? I like how the filmmakers didn’t shy away from topics like mental health, drug addiction, and domestic abuse. Let that be a trigger warning to those who prefer to avoid such images.

What happened during the war sequence was frightening, borderline necro manic. Those who like violence and gore will be entertained. This film has heart and is timeless. Recent stories like Joker have a main character that is seriously flawed yet you still root for them. With that said give Dead Presidents a try but be sure to have something queued up that will make you smile because the drama hits hard. I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

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