Cruella (2021) Review

This is a movie for Millennials not kids. Most children who are fifteen or younger probably don’t know who the hell Cruella de Vil is, let alone 101 Dalmatians. Disney must be getting desperate. However, this was a very entertaining movie. It has some super dark themes and was violent at times. As I said before, this will put kids, and even some adults to sleep.

Baroness (Emma Thompson) was serving all the looks

Estella (Emma Stone) was an interesting character. Her story arc was all over the place, but her motivations were clear, dethrone The Baroness. She is utterly terrifying and literally a stone-cold killer. So, in order to humanize Estella aka Cruella, they had to create someone ten times worse. Did they succeed? Hell yeah they did.

I imagine this is where all scam callers work

The supporting cast were fleshed out pretty well. Estella’s lackies or friends were quite charming individuals with a moral compass. With that said I can’t see how this character will become a crazed designer hell bent on shaving puppies? If a sequel is indeed in the works, they’re going to have a big challenge ahead of them.

If Mary Poppins and Tim Burton had a baby

A TV show would suit this narrative better. The world they created is whimsical and should be explored more. I loved the action as well as the cinematography. Wouldn’t mind another one. If you like The Devil Wears Prada and a vegan version of Joker, then give this a try. Cruella gets a 6 out of 10.

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