Clown (2014) Review

This ain’t no Pennywise and it ain’t Terrifier either. I saw this film when it came out originally and fell in love with the concept. The powdered face entertainer is given an ancient bloody origin. One lost in history and forgotten through the ages. Clown reinvents the killer clown genre.

You won’t be disappointed with this movie. Imagine the Venom symbiote attaching itself to a well meaning, suburban dad. This one is full of surprises and gore! Nobody is safe, especially the kids. I would have liked to experience this in a theater setting. There are certainly more than a few gasp moments.

I have to commend the special effects and makeup. The attention to detail for the “transformation” is magnificent. Each scene is lit with precision to show off how physically intimidating this monster is. Want to freak out some friends? Go pull this up on Netflix. Clown earns a 9 out of 10.

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