Channel Zero: Candle Cove (2016) Review

As you can tell from the above image, this is show is creepy as hell. This should not come as a surprise being that it is based on the creepypasta called Candle Cove, written by web-cartoonist and author, Kris Straub in 2009. What is creepypasta you say? It is a collection of online horror fiction and images created by users that is copied and pasted around the Internet. Channel Zero is an anthology series created by  Nick Antosca that adapted the online phenomenon.

This show was not even on my radar until I watched an episode of Collider Nightmares on YouTube. The people on the discussion panel recommended it so I gave it a go. It premiered October 11, 2016 on the Syfy channel and is only 6 episodes long. I binge watched it for a week making my evenings kind of weird. Now I’m no stranger to scary stories but this show takes the word creepy to a whole different level. The acting is not exemplary but it doesn’t suck either.

One of the most important aspects of Channel Zero is the atmosphere and soundtrack. Most of the episodes have a run time of 45 minutes. However the pacing of the show is so slow, it’s like I am moving in slow motion watching it on-screen. I don’t know if this was done intentionally but it definitely works. There is a running theme throughout the series and that is a children’s program, Candle Cove. Very disturbing looking puppets with some suspicious dialogue. Never thought a theme so innocent could make me feel so uncomfortable.

There is some impressive sound design at play here. When the children’s program comes on TV, there is a melody playing that is just twisted. It seems to be a whimsical tune but there is an undertone that just doesn’t sit well with me. This show will hit a nerve if you have kids. It makes you ponder the reality of protecting your children from harmful media. I recommend you check this out if you want a real scare other than the recent presidential inauguration. After watching this I have been heavily inspired to write my own novel. So I will give it a 9/10.


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