A Growing Boy

“Something bad is happening upstairs.” Jordan declared as he gawked at the ceiling of his two-bedroom apartment. “Don’t overthink it. You remember what the building manager said, her son is special.” Frankie emphasized, imitating the tender voice of the office manager. “Nah, fuck that, something is leaking. Look, it’s brown. If it was water, the stain would be beige or yellow.” Jordan said, waving his … Continue reading A Growing Boy

Beware the Inanis

The vampire or upir (oou-peer) is one of the most feared throughout history. However, there is one among them that is exceptionally odious. This demon is spawned from the most tragic of circumstances. It is called the Inanis (ee-nah-niece), a Latin word for empty. They are called this because their appetite cannot be satiated, nor their thirst quenched. Unlike its kin, it is not born … Continue reading Beware the Inanis