Beware the Inanis

The vampire or upir is one of the most feared throughout history. However, there is one among them that is exceptionally odious. This demon is spawned from the most tragic of circumstances. It is called the Inanis, a Latin word for empty. They are called this because their appetite cannot be satiated, nor their thirst quenched. Unlike its kin, it is not born or turned … Continue reading Beware the Inanis

Misery of the Mundane, Part 2

Claustrophobia: The fear of confined spaces. I am standing in the bathroom of my new apartment. My body is sweaty and funky as hell. Yet, I can’t bring myself to enter. Each time I reach down for the handle, my hand freezes in midair. What’s wrong with me? Maybe this is a stroke. I turn my back to the tub and sit down on the … Continue reading Misery of the Mundane, Part 2

Misery of the Mundane, Part 1

Iatrophobia: The fear of doctors. He entered the room with his head down and moved sluggishly towards me. His attention fixed to a clipboard. “Just turned nine years-old huh. Happy belated.” I tried to speak but my voice cracked. The man had the biggest eyes I’d ever seen. They extruded from his face in such a way they’d fall out the socket if he exclaimed. … Continue reading Misery of the Mundane, Part 1

A Song of Sorrow

I’m not one of those “bad boys” you see on TV. The ones that smoke cigarettes in slow motion and wear leather jackets. I don’t have tattoos either. Maybe it’s all the fights I get into or the fact I’m bigger than everyone in the sophomore class. For whatever reason, I spent the majority of my time with a bunch of idiots doing stupid shit. … Continue reading A Song of Sorrow