The Story Monster Podcast – Episode 10, Candyman (2021) Review

My expectations were low going to the theater. I thought to myself, even if this is trash, we still have the original. Candyman is a contrived mess of a movie that did too much in too little time. The story was all over the place and relied heavily on social justice themes. It was a light retcon that reduced the titular slasher to cheap cosplay.

Oops wrong order head ass #notmycandyman

You know the guy from the original films, Daniel Robitaille (Tony Todd)? They replaced him with some other guy they decided. I was so confused and thought dude in the yellow raincoat, Sherman Fields, was an impersonator, trying to benefit from an urban legend. Oh how I wish it was a misdirect. If identity crisis was a film, this would be it. The plot went from Anthony (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), to gentrification, and then vengeance?

Too much talking, too many puppets, not enough action

I felt the killing was relatively tame, especially with an R-rating. One thing the O.G. knows how to do well is eviscerate people, as well as animals. Imagine my surprise when I didn’t get to see any of this until the third act. Don’t get me wrong, the movie looks amazing. However, the narrative needs to be fleshed out a bit more. I was disappointed by this “spiritual successor” and give Candyman a 4.5 out of 10.

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