Bright (2017) Review

This is one of the best original movies on Netflix. I don’t know why it’s getting a lot of negative reviews. Bright was a realistic take on themes we’ve all seen before in Lord of The Rings and World of Warcraft. Creatures from different realms coexisting in the same space. The plot is simple, there’s a MacGuffin (magic wand) and everyone wants it.

Will Smith, as Daryl Ward, was his usual Bad Boys self. Joel Edgerton, as Nick Jakoby, was charming. The two meshed very well on-screen. As Daryl is a jerk and Nick is innocently dimwitted at times. The villains were almost forgettable, except when they showed up to kick ass! Cinematography was spectacular. Edgy yet optimistic.

The world created in Bright is one I wish to revisit. It is vibrant and full of mysteries. This I believe is what makes the movie so exciting. You learn things as the two main characters do. I highly recommend you give it a watch. This one gets an 8 out of 10.


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