Black and Blue (2019) Review

This film should have went to Netflix. It didn’t suck by any means, I just don’t think the writing was strong enough to warrant a theatrical release. Black and Blue is basically a diet version of Training Day. It has the star power but none of the execution. There are some redeeming qualities though.

Naomie Harris plays Alicia West, a rookie on the police force that stumbles upon dirty cops committing murder. Opposite of her is Terry Malone played by Frank Grillo. These two steal the show. Naomie brings the drama and Frank brings the scumbaggery. Tyrese is the comic relief as usual.

I must say it was entertaining. Shoot-outs, Mike Coulter dressed like a Blaxploitation pimp, deus ex machina, and suspense sprinkled throughout. I’m happy I got to see this at an early screening because it is not worth the ticket price. Black and Blue gets 5.5 out of 10.


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