Beware the Inanis

The vampire or upir is one of the most feared throughout history. However, there is one among them that is exceptionally odious. This demon is spawned from the most tragic of circumstances. It is called the Inanis, a Latin word for empty. They are called this because their appetite cannot be satiated, nor their thirst quenched. Unlike its kin, it is not born or turned with a bite.

Inanis are impregnated women killed unjustly before or during childbirth. Needless to say, they are exclusively female. If the child is spared, the soul of the mother could pass on. On the other hand, if the infant does not survive, a deal is made. Mammon, Lord of Greed, promises to reunite them with their babies. As payment, they must roam the Earth and feed on our flesh until the End of Days.

Many consider this to be a deception to collect innocent souls. Whether or not this promise can be fulfilled is unknown as the Apocalypse has not yet come. Every life taken by the Inanis is sent to Hell and delivered to Mammon. Inanis are also called The Children of Gluttony. They hunt alone and can be found in forests, graveyards, tunnels, and abandoned hospitals.

You can identify Inanis from their disturbing appearance. Their round enlarged bellies and engorged breasts make them a standout from other bloodsuckers. Usually, they are blind. This is a wound inflicted by Mammon, so they will never lay eyes on a child again. Inanis appear decomposed but are in no way zombies. Their sense of smell is keen as well as their ability to hear the most subtle movements.

Extruded veins cover the body of the Inanis. They have a blue-neon glow that is said to be filled with pure hatred, a substance capable of extending youth. No one has been able to prove this because they are difficult to catch. The feet resemble that of the ostrich which allow them to move swiftly and capture their prey with hands larger than a cast iron skillet. Occult scholars designate the predator as a berserk beast.

It cannot be reasoned with or stopped by conventional weapons. Magic can hurt or trap the monster. Inanis can swallow their food whole because it has a dislocated jaw like a snake. They do not consume for the sake of hunger. They long to be with their child again. Since this is not attainable. they eat, with the hope that the sensation will return. In its gut is an abyss, which is one proven way to kill an Inanis.

Puncture the belly and it will be torn apart by the endless void therein. Close contact is not encouraged. A warrior-mage managed to do this with an enchanted blade soaked in angel tears. Her apprentice witnessed the event from the sky as he was a shapeshifter and escaped the pull of the black hole. We honor her sacrifice, without it, we would not possess this knowledge.

There are a number of ways to determine if an Inanis is in the surrounding area. The mass slaughter of livestock as well as dead plant life. Also, the stench of spoiled milk, which was meant to nourish its offspring. They do not retain mortal weakness or memory, save for one, an aversion to the cries of a newborn. The noise is excruciating to them and will cause them to flee.

Perhaps, it is the single thing in this world that reminds them of what they once were and seek to be most, a mother. The mere fact that such a thing exists is cruel. No curse can compare. To prevent the rise of an abomination such as this, the woman must be avenged within seven days after her death. If the guilty party confesses and pays with his or her life, the Inanis will not ascend.

Long ago, a number of Inanis appeared in the ruins of an old cathedral. The fire was caused by a prioress. She came upon an unholy practice in the church. Priests were taking in the poor, not out of benevolence, but for more perverse reasons. When one of the women conceived, she was murdered to keep the truth hidden, and buried in the crypt. Weeks after the structure fell, they came in great numbers.

Due to their violent nature, some turned on each other, then attacked nearby villages. The nun who started the fire, also founded a secret order of hunters. They investigated Inanis and executed those responsible for making them. Unfortunately, some crimes go unpunished. As is the case with the wealthy, politicians, and privileged. The abuse of power is normally the reason behind such atrocious events.

Philosophers debate that Inanis keep the natural and supernatural world in balance. Both species are fair game to the mad creature. It shows no favor for its own kind. In the past mystical runes were placed where Inanis were rumored to reside. For a while, the different races were afforded peace. Life flourished, the population of man grew in number and strength. But so did their lust for expansion and control.

Generations passed, soon the Inanis were thought to be a tale to keep children out of the woods at sundown. Those who were not human were hunted, near extinction. So, they hid in pocket dimensions or other planets. They took many of the spells and grimoires when they left. Some remnants can be found, but not nearly enough to keep the Inanis at bay.

Despite warnings from the fairy, fae, and goblin folk, mankind became obsessed with industrialization. Landmarks that once held the Inanis prisoner were destroyed. A wave of death spread soon after. To this day, the media wishes to hide the existence of them from the people. Reports can be heard of mudslides and other natural disasters. The fact of the matter is they were all attempts to stop the Inanis.

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