Army of The Dead (2021) Review

Zack Snyder is at it again! He’s left the world of men in tights for an Army of The Dead and it is glorious. When it comes to zombies, there’s not much you can do that people haven’t seen. Yet somehow, he managed to create a world where the undead horde possess a bit more nuance. A lot of thought was put into each frame and viewers are sure to catch new things upon a repeat viewing.

Hmm…I think I left the oven on

The montage of the outbreak was too long for my taste. Oh, and someone stop this man from using slow motion, damn. The action is on point and the kills are hardcore. Eagle eyed viewers will notice some zombies stick out from the crowd (look for the blue eyes). So much to take in, one of those blinks and you’ll miss it type of things.

I wanna be like him when I grow up

Dave Bautista has really stepped his game up on the acting tip. He showed a lot of range in this role. I actually cared about his character and found him believable. Now his daughter, Kate, was terrible. Sure, children can be difficult, but this woman was borderline suicidal for what appeared to be complete strangers. The connection between her and the ones that went into the quarantine zone was hollow.

Eat your heart out Pet Semetary

Now let’s talk zombies. I haven’t seen a hierarchy like that since Warm Bodies, another original take on the genre. The zombies in this movie are more like tribal creatures from an alien planet. Some even have a semblance of intelligence which makes them more of a menace. Army of The Dead is entertaining and gets a 6.5 out of 10.

I know she stole my Crunch Bar, the evidence is on her face

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