Acrimony (2018) Review

Over the years, I’ve come to dread projects produced by Tyler Perry. It seems like his films become progressively worse in quality and narrative. Acrimony was a terrible movie. I daresay horrific. It was such a bad movie that it was good. Me as well as the other nine people in the theater were laughing hysterically. One guy was snoring an hour into it, calling the hogs home.

Melinda (Taraji P. Henson) and Robert (Lyriq Bent) play two lovers that have spent a quarter of their lives together. Certain events unfold that result in Melinda feeling betrayed and losing her shit. You know, the typical Tyler Perry stuff. There’s irrational behavior, drama, violence, and garbage dialogue. On top of that, Melinda is narrating the entire movie. I felt like a dog being dragged by it’s leash through unforgiving terrain.

Acrimony felt like it would never end. Although the length is 2 hrs, it’s presented in a way that time stands still. No dates are given so you’re left to wonder how long and when all these events take place. I’m just so tired of seeing Black people represented in such a negative, destructive, and discouraging way. Especially from someone like Tyler Perry who wrote, produced, and directed it. This movie gets a 3 out of 10.

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